Winter Classic

Winter Classic

Winter Classic

Here’s a fruity, spiced medley of crisp raspberry, soft oak-aged Canadian whisky, tart lemon and fiery ginger to warm your winter nights.


1 oz Canadian Club Classic 12 year

½ oz Bols Cherry Brandy liqueur

4-5 fresh raspberries

1 oz fresh lemon juice

Top with ginger beer

Garnish with a lemon wedge


Place the raspberries in a mixing glass and muddle until raspberries have been broken apart. Add a scoop of ice and pour in all ingredients except for the ginger beer. Shake until well mixed and chilled. Double strain into a glass with new ice. Top with ginger beer and place garnish on the rim.


Double-straining involves using a Hawthorne strainer (the one with the spring) and a fine strainer.

Canadian Club Classic is aged 12 years in oak barrels, which imparts the spirit with mellow wood flavours.

Coconut Mojito

Coco Mojito

Cruzan Coconut Mojito 

Today is National Mojito Day!  Perfect timing with summer heat is in full swing, there is no better time to sit back and relax with a minty mojito.  Combining classic mint with sweet coconut, this refreshing mojito will be sure to help you see why the mojito is so celebrated.


1oz Cruzan Aged Light Rum

1/2oz Cruzan Coconut Rum

8-10 Mint Leaves

2 Lime Wedges

1 tsp Sugar

 Top with Coconut Water

Garnish with a Mint Sprig


Muddle Mint, Lime & Sugar, top with Rums and ice. Shake 2 times to mix. Add Coconut Soda/Water to top up.  Place garnish on rim and enjoy!

Anastasia’s Garden

Anastasia's Garden

Anastasia’s Garden

A new year is nearly upon us, which is a good time to celebrate with a  brilliantly refreshing cocktail, Anastasia’s Garden. Flavours of sweet  strawberries and fragrant basil combine with premium vodka and some carbonation  to dance on your tongue. Pressing refresh never tasted so good.


1oz Russian Standard vodka

4 basil leaves

3 ripe strawberries

3oz soda (or champagne)

Garnish with a basil leaf


Cut the tops off the strawberries and place directly into a glass. Give the  basil leaves a smack to awaken them and place on top of the strawberries. Muddle  until the berries are all pressed. Fill with ice and pour in the vodka. Top with  soda or champagne and stir gently. Place a basil leaf or sprig for garnish.  Enjoy!


The carbonation not only gives your taste buds some fun, it also helps  release the fresh fruit and herb aromas.

If using a champagne, choose a dry or Brut champagne. Another substitution is  sparkling white wine

Ginger Mojito

Ginger Mojito

Spice up your summer cocktail experience with the Ginger Mojito. Sweet rum and sour lime go great with fresh mint and a spicy hint of ginger.


2 ginger slices

6 mint leaves

3 lime wedges

2 oz. Brugal Anejo Rum

Top with ginger ale

Mint leaves and ginger slice for garnish


In a mixing glass, place lime wedges, ginger slices and mint leaves. Press with a muddle to release the oils and juices. Add ice and pour in Brugal Anejo Rum. Shake to mix and chill, then pour into a glass. Add more ice and top with ginger ale. Finish with a garnish of a mint leaf and ginger slice on the rim.


Feeling like it needs more spice? Add more ginger slices or substitute ginger beer for the ginger ale.

Desire something a little on the sweeter side? Add a half ounce of simple syrup.

Using an aged rum like Brugal Anejo adds more flavour to your mojito than a white rum.