Summer Melon Beer

Summer Melon Beer

Cocktails come in many variations and although beer isn’t commonly used in the mix, this drink wouldn’t be the same without it. Juicy watermelon, orange zest and maraschino cherry combine with Hefeweizen beer, which adds banana and apricot flavours. This beverage is less sweet than you might expect.


3/4 oz. (22 mL) Banff Ice Vodka

1/4 oz. (7 mL) Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

1-2 oz. (28 mL-56 mL) Watermelon Juice

2 dashes Orange Bitters

8 oz. (250 mL) Granville Island Hefeweizen Beer

Slice of watermelon for garnish


Cut three watermelon cubes about one inch by one inch. Press the liquid out with either a juice press or muddle. Measure approximately one ounce and pour into a beer glass. Add Banff ice vodka, maraschino liqueur, and bitters. Gently pour beer into the glass and garnish with a watermelon slice.


Banff Ice Vodka is distilled from Canadian prairie wheat and goes well with a wheat beer like Hefeweizen.

The use of orange bitters is a great way to add intense flavour to your cocktails. If you don’t have any, use a small amount of fresh orange juice. It won’t be quite the same as the bitters, though.

Hefeweizen means suspended yeast and is an unfiltered wheat ale.

Robson Sour Float

Robson Sour Float

Add depth of flavour to your favourite brew by creating a brilliant beer cocktail. Using Granville Island’s Hefeweizen beer with fruity flavours of banana and apricot, mix in refreshingly tart pink grapefruit and smooth Canadian whisky we achieve an incredibly light full-flavoured drink.


1oz Canadian Club Whisky

1oz Pink Grapefruit juice

8oz Granville Island Hefeweizen Beer


Use a juice press to extract the juice from a pink grapefruit, measure out 1 ounce (28ml) into a beer glass.

Add Canadian Club Whisky and slowly pour Granville Island Hefeweizen into the mixture.


Garnish for this beer cocktail is completely optional. You can leave as is or add a wedge of the pink grapefruit to allow additional tartness, or a wheel to show off, or float a wheel in the cocktail.

Hefeweizen means suspended yeast and is an unfiltered wheat ale.

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