Enter the Matador. A figure of style, strength and bravery. Our cocktail this week doesn’t require any bravery but certainly encompasses the other qualities.

It’s a truly magnificent combination of fruity pineapple, sweet orange, sour lime and gold tequila. Tequila pairs perfectly with lime and pineapple so even if you think you don’t like tequila, this cocktail may still be one you will enjoy.


2 oz. Sauza Gold Tequila

½ oz. Bols Triple Sec

3 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. fresh pressed lime juice

Lime twist for garnish


Place ice in a sour glass and set it aside to chill. Fill a mixing glass with ice, then pour in all the ingredients. Shake vigorously. Discard the ice from the sour glass.

Strain shaken mixture into the now chilled glass. Twist lime peel over the drink and leave it resting on the rim.


Using fresh lime juice will give you the best tasting drink.

Use a channel knife to create the long twist. To get a tight curl, wrap the twist around the handle of a bar spoon or straw. This will help give the twist a tight spiral.


Ernest Hemingway Daiquiri

Ernest Hemingway Daiquiri

My favourite thing about reading is that it takes you on a journey to other places, other eras and other points of view. While reading some cocktails books, I was introduced to this gem from 1939. Although the daiquiri is well known, a little variation can produce a new creation that requires a new name. This week’s cocktail was named after its inventor, Ernest Hemingway.

The rich flavoured rum provides the back bone while the lime and grapefruit add fresh citrus sourness that is balanced with the sweet liqueur of maraschino cherries.


2 oz Brugal Anejo Rum

3/4 oz Lime juice

1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

1/2 oz Grapefruit juice


Place ice in a cocktail glass to chill it while making the drink. Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Discard the ice chilling used to chill the cocktail glass. Strain the shaken ingredients into the chilled glass and garnish with a lime wheel.

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Take your margarita to the next

level with a creative addition — beer! The result is a surprisingly savoury

blend of citrus sour lime, sweet orange liqueur, blended tequila and icy cold Bud Light Lime beer that makes you wonder, ”Why didn’t I do this before?”



1 oz. Sauza Gold Tequila

1/2 oz. Triple Sec Liqueur

2 oz. fresh lime juice

1 Bud Light Lime Beer


Wet the rim of a large glass with a wedge of lime and dip rim in salt. Pour into a mixing tin over ice: Sauza Gold Tequila, Triple Sec and fresh lime juice. Shake and pour into the glass.

Add more ice and place beer upside down into the margarita.


You can use a blender to make up the lime margarita. If you don’t have a glass that is strong enough to hold the beer upside down, simply pour beer into your margarita as you drink.

Bud Light Lime is a perfect fit in this cocktail because it matches the lime flavour and it is a light lager that doesn’t overpower the cocktail.

Apricot Margarita

The world famous Mexican cocktail gets our creative spin this summer. Adding a light apricot flavour to this tart concoction creates a savoury blend.

Margarita is Spanish for the word “daisy” and our version of the margarita has a strong resemblance to a drink called the Brandy Daisy, which has similar ingredients.



1 oz. Hornitos Reposado Tequila

1/4 oz. fresh lemon juice (2 wedges)

1/4 oz. orange juice

1/4 oz. 7-Up

1/4 oz. Bols Apricot Brandy

half a lemon wheel for garnish


In a mixing glass, pour in Hornitos Tequila, squeeze lemon wedges and add orange juice. Shake vigorously with ice. Pour into a glass and top with 7-Up or Sprite. Float a ring of Bols Apricot Brandy over the drink and garnish with half a slice of lemon wheel.


You can make this as a blended slushy version if you prefer.

Just be sure to save the Bols Apricot Brandy till the end so you can float it on top of the drink.

Using lemon juice instead of lime juice allows a better balance of flavour with the light apricot fruit taste.