5 thoughts on “Where Do I Know You From??

  1. Christmas in November! I sat in on your class yesterday and volunteered and ended up making the fire and ice mojito, which wasn’t much to my liking but was still super impressive!
    And I had a question about Skittle Vodka. It definitely has that “OooooO, it’s blueeee, it’ssss soo pretty!” factor, but is it worth it to make, and what type of vodka should you make it with?

  2. Had a blast a CIN @ JPL!! I was my first one and I’ll be back! Great class!! Great show!! Definitely going back next year!
    Kerry Sparrowe

  3. Heyyyy Mika, I has soooo much fun in both your seminars and you are a great teacher and inspiration and very talented ! I would love to keep in contact with you and take every opportunity I get to learn more and get involved in this industry:) hope to hear back from you and hope you have a wonderful weekend ! Thanks for all the fun stories and being so helpful with everything !

    Thank you for your time
    Cindy Marais
    (metropolitan Bartending school )

  4. micah! you rock! thanks for teaching an amazing flair class today at the metropolitan bartending school, stoked for the bar chef class with you!!

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